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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

This weeks LiveMakeDesign is Dear Wilde- and no not Mr Oscar Wilde but Rachel Palof. 

This week I have chosen another person I nominated as part of my Liebster Award nomination for this weeks Leibster Award. I found Rachel's blog through searching for blogs to read when I first started out through bloglovin and I have to admit I adore her blog! 

Rachel is a 24 year old mother (of four cats) and wife who lives in Carolina. She adores reading and diy crafting. She is also the face behind blog and Etsy shop Dear Wilde. Her blog generally is based around crafts, books and decor, however she does dive into other areas to.

On her blog, Rachel uses it as a venting place for her thoughts, inspirations and words. As a reader of her blog, I find her posts inspirational as they help you question yourself as a designer and what you can do to push yourself further afield! She also posts DIY posts every so often and mood board inspiration.

As well as writing her blog, she has also created and designed jewellery pieces for her Etsy shop. Her styling for her jewellery comes from wanting to create delicate pieces with simple vintage styling. Many of her pieces uses pearls, lace and soft, romantic colours to give her pieces that classic touch that she adores. 

If you want to find out more about Rachel and Dear Wilde, you can do so here:

freshwater pearl and textured bronze necklace from Etsy

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