Hello September!

Sunday, September 01, 2013

So it's a beginning of a new month! Wow! It does not feel like that it was like 3months ago that I started this blog. And it definitely does not feel like a year ago that I only started college. How time pasts huh?

I'm actually really excited for it being September! I mean, I don't have anything exciting really happening for this month or for the rest of the year. But I just love when it comes into the second half of the year and everybody starts getting festive. And the weather cools down a bit. Because it just means you can wear hoodies and feel comfortable. Cuddle up on the nights when it gets dark early. And drink hot chocolate with little marshmallows (and in a Tardis mug!). 

This month is starting out with a bang because I have been featured quite heavily over on Colours and Carousels this weekend! On Charlottes blog, I have been featured with two posts- one review guest post and as her interviewee for her Desert Island! So you should pop over and have a read of those and also check out her blog as it's a great read! 

Also this month, and probably continuing on from this month. I will be showing of my design work from my college projects. So this means I will be uploading mood boards, roughs, my development and final designs. I hope these will be of an interest to some of you and I can get feedback from you all as well! In some projects (probably my graded unit), I will also be asking for you to fill out a questionnaire. 

I may also be started to design and sell some of my own designs over at probably Etsy but possibly Society6! But this will depend on if I have time as I'm in college from 9-5 Monday-Wednesday and I work 2 to 3 days the rest of the week. But we'll see! I'm also thinking on making some free printables from design work I created over the summer- mainly my 'Thank You' notes I created for giving out after my birthday, which I'd expand to include RVSP and Save The Dates. Would this be something you would be interested in? Let me know! 

So stay tuned to the blog for more and more posts! Let me know below what your excited for this month.

The above graphic was created using the font Flex Display designed by Alvaro Thomaz Oliveira.

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  1. yayy, i look forward to seeing your work :D

    1. Aw thank you! :3 It'll probably be like another month or so til I upload any finals but thank you! You're comment also reminded me about the fact that I may start designing & selling my own little bits and pieces this month or next. But I'm not to sure! I also added in some other stuff in the post. So let me know what you think! :)



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