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Saturday, September 14, 2013

At the beginning of the month in my “hello September!” post, I said I would be featuring more of my design work throughout the college year. Last week I showed you our ‘jump back into college’ brief/design which is for the Creative Anarchy brief- which you can look at here.

So this week we got our first proper brief of the year. The brief we have been given is to design a brand and then create packaging and then an advertisement for the brand that we have created. For this unit we have 4 Outcomes which are: research, brand development, design packaging and design an advertisement.
Over this past week I have completed the first outcome (research) and have more or less completed the second outcome (brand development).  So over the next few days I will be posting about my research, development, and I will show the final branding I have at the moment.

The first instalment of this is my research. My research varies from looking around shops (mainly John Lewis), pinning things on pinterest and reblogging things on tumblr. However, I like to keep all my research together so I've created some moodboards from my findings. 

I'll admit I have a lot of moodboards but this is because I wasn't entirely sure what direction I should go with at first so I looked at branding from lots of different companies. 
You can click the images to see them full sized.


After looking at all my research, and remembering about a few things I never photographed while I was out. I wrote down all my ideas for about what I created branding for which was: Tea/Coffee, Chocolate, Pasta, Scrapbooking Kit or Cakes/Cookies. I ended up only thinking of names for two of these ideas which was Chocolate and Scrapbooking. 
In the end I decided to go with scrapbooking so below is the moodboards I created that relates to this. I will include my sketches for the Chocolate in the next post though!

So there you go! The first instalment of my Design Production, the next one will be up in a few days. But in the meantime if you fancy seeing what other things have been inspiring me you can do so by going and following my on either Pinterest or Tumblr

Also, let me know below how you keep inspired or what websites/places you use to keep inspired!

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