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Sunday, September 15, 2013

So after yesterdays post about my research, I thought I'd just jump into showing you all my development of the branding for my scrapbooking company.

I also said in yesterdays post that I thought of names for two different brands- the second being a chocolate company. I'm going to show my sketches and ideas for the chocolate company first as I never took this any further than the initial stages.

The name I thought of for the chocolate company was 'GemChocs'. I thought of the name after trying to see if there was any way I could incorporate my name for it. I combined my middle name, Gemma, with the word chocolate to create the name. Below is the sketches I done for this branding, but because I went with the scrapbooking idea I never developed them further.

*You can click images to make them bigger

So for the scrapbooking company I only came up with the one name as well. The name I instantly thought of for doing the scrapbooking company was 'ScrapIt!'. For my sketches, I kept with the same kind of theme for the fonts/styling as I want to keep it quite open and friendly looking. I also wanted to make the colours bright and bubbly so that if it were to become a product that was sold in shops it would be eye catching.

After sketching ideas out, I had Clare from my class and give me her opinion on what she liked. I also did this later on with Darren and his little sister, but by this time I had already taken my idea to the computer but still wanted to know what they though.

While developing on the computer, I tried using a variety of colours and compositions before settling on the final design. My lecturer suggested to create a tagline and try using a little illustration I created for using in the branding into the logo. To decide what logo I should use in the end I done a similar thing to what I did for the sketches and asked people what they thought. Everyone I asked seemed to like the idea of incorporating the icon in with the logo. However, I wasn't so sure on the idea of using the icon at first because the placing didn't seem right and it made it look very chunky. In the end after trying many different arrangements I finally decided on the logo.
Below is the final logo I decided on and the rest of the branding that goes along with it, including the colour palette, typography and alternative logos.

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