Creative Anarchy

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I was back to college last week and to basically get us on our feet running, we were given the competition brief called 'Creative Anarchy'. We were given the three days we were in college, and up until till Friday to submit our designs for the competition to our college submission page (the closing date for entries isn't till the 15th October). 

Creative Anarchy is a book that is being that is being created to teach about the rules of graphic design and how to go about breaking them. Designs submitted can either be about following the rules or breaking them. The brief also says you can submit designs for posters, logos, web sites, magazines, t-shirts, etc. 

When I started of doing the brief I was pretty stuck to be honest. I wasn't really sure in which direction I should go with for the design. However, after doodling and spending a good half hour sitting in the library looking at some atrocious design books, I finally came up with a few designs.

In the end I couldn't really decide which one I preferred so I decided to submit them all. Fingers crossed for it then! Also let me know if you end up entering it as well! 

If you would like to enter the competition or just look at the submission guidelines then you can do so here

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