August Shopping Haul

Sunday, September 08, 2013

1. Sign Be The Best That You Can Be  / 2. Want To Go Wall Hanger / 3. Mario Purse
4. Vintage Tea Tins / 5. HOME letters / 6. Set of 3 Elephants / 7. Mini Pegs /
8. LOVE letters / 9.Enthralled Novel / 10. Last Breath Novel / 11. Posion Study Novel 
In August, my boyfriend- Darren and his family went on a day trip to Livingston and in one shop- The Works- I bought quite a few things! I've also been buying a few other little things from Car Boot Sales and using vouchers I've still not used from my birthday. 

As you all many know, I love things with a quote on it! So I had to buy these! I was meant to get both of these on a buy one get one free deal but I only noticed now while looking at the receipt that the cashier didn't put it through as that! However, the "Be the best that you can be" canvas was £2.99 and the "If you want to go" was only £1.99. So altogether I would have only saved £1.99. 
Once again, Darren bought me something! This was from one of the stalls that the Shopping Center had. I've not used it yet but it's got a lot of space in it for cards and change! 
I got these two tins from a car boot sale for 50p each. I don't actually drink tea and my parents already have tea boxes but I think I might use them for my collection of pens I have!
I bought these two letter sets on an impulse buy! They were only 99p anyway! But I think I'll end up decorating these with the washi tape I mentioned in my Back To College post. But I'm not to sure!
These 3 cute elephants I bought from the same person I bought the tins from. The set of 3 cost me 50p (I think). But they were so adorable that I couldn't just leave them! 
Another thing I bought from Waterstones this month was these cute little pegs. I've been wanting to update my room and want to have heaps of photos stuck up and I thought these would be a really cute way to hang them. I decided to decorate a couple of them with the Heart and Clouds pegs I bought from Paperchase as well. It definitely gives them a bit more character!
I got these also in The Works. I hadn't read or heard anything about these books but they sounded great from what I read on the back. I spent £5 on the 3 books because they were on a deal! So cheap!!
Have you been spending your money wisely or on a whim this past month? Leave a comment below with links to your posts about them so I can have a read! Or just tell me what you've been buying! 

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