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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

This weeks LiveMakeDesign is designer, blogger and e-course writer Jo Gifford. 

Jo Gifford is probably better known as the Dexterous Diva. Under this name she runs her blog and has published e-courses called Freelance Working Mum Survival Guide and Idea Generation for Bloggers. 

I heard about Jo through numerous blogs who were talking about her e-course called Idea Generation for Bloggers. I went and looked at the e-course and thought it looked awesome till I seen it cost. I was pretty gutted about it because I didn't have the money to go and pay for an e-course and I wasn't sure if I'd be able to keep up with it by the time I get back to college and have my new job and everything. 

However, it turned out lucky because she ended up making the e-course FREE! So of course I immediately signed up thinking I can just try and push through reading the e-course in the evenings and spare minutes. So for the past 3 or so weeks I have been receiving the emails as part of the e-course. I really have enjoyed reading them so far and they have definitely helped  ignite some inspiration! The course goes through getting yourself organised, getting you in the zone, the toolkit for idea generation and creative thinking and then in the final week is about putting it all together! With this being the first e-course I have ever done, I would say it has taught me a lot about how to put my thoughts in motion and for getting me inspired. I would definitely recommend the e-course for any blogger- even if they have been on the blogging scheme for a while. 

You can find Jo here:

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