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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Today's LiveMakeDesign is blogger Colours And Carousel

Charlotte -the face behind Colours and Carousels- is an 18 year old who is studying Fashion Management at University. Obsessed with fashion, shopping and beauty, this is how her blog was born. 

I found out about Charlotte's blog through another blog I read- Floral Danielle. To be honest, I found her blog on a whim because I was just looking through the comments from one of the posts and was in the mood for some new material to read. This is where I seen Charlotte's url. Charlotte's blog isn't something I will follow a lot but she puts a new spin on old ideas. I also seen that she was moving up to live beside me, which shocked me because I hadn't discovered a blogger who actually lived close to me. 

On her blog, Charlotte speaks a lot about fashion, beauty, cooking and her life in general. She has also got a feature called 'Desert Island Essentials', where she asks a series of questions to a blogger asking them what their Essentials would be if they were given certain limitations.

Charlotte also runs a jewelry company with her mum called Sue's Little Gems. Their company started after she bought a kit from hobbycraft and ever since, has been hooked onto making her own! Her mum and herself make and sell their creations at craft fairs. The inspiration to make jewelry themselves came after they realised that they would be able to make their own versions of high street jewelry at a fraction of the cost.

This weekend I'm glad to let you know I will be featured on her Desert Island Essentials and I will also appear on her blog for something else. So make sure you go over to her blog and check it out! And keep an eye on to why I'll be appearing on it. 

You can find Charlotte at:

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