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Saturday, August 31, 2013

1. Daler Rowney A3 Sketchbook / 2. Hearts and Clouds Washi Tape / 3. Air Mail Washi Tape / 

I've been buying little bits and pieces of stationary over the past few months for going back to college next week. I thought I'd show my buys and you can swoon over the prettiness of the stationary to! I am not obsessed with stationary at all!

I bought this sketchbook because I like having all my design work in the
one place. Also its a big area for doing sketches
I've been drooling over washi tape for a while now and I found the top 2 from
paperchase at £3 each (without my discount) and then bottom one
from Waterstones for £1.99 because it was on sale. I've started using
the heart one to decorate little pegs I bought for hanging photos.
I've really been needing a cutting mat at home so I don't need to do all
of that at college. It'll come in handy when I have my graded unit and
end of year exhibiton
To go with my cutting mat, I bought Xacto knife and blades. It'll help having
my own because near the end of units everybody is needing to use one. 
I didn't actually by the Tardis notebook- Darren bought it for me. But I really
 love it cause it's Doctor Who related and it's clear pages. So it'll be great to
have on days where I need to take little notes of deadlines or I have a spur
of the moment idea but don't have my A3 sketchbook!
I bought the Note To Self notebook after drooling over it in Waterstones for months! I finally bought it because I had left over vouchers from my birthday
and thought it'd be a good tool to have for noting down college and blog
stuff to do.
I really adore this pencil case! The characters on it are adorable and it's
really big. The reason I bought this one is because the one I had before broke around Easter time and I've been looking for one ever since. At £7.50 it is pretty expensive fora pencil case but I did get it down to £6.75 using my student discount.
I hope you like these as well and don't feel the urge to splurge over all of these as well! Leave a comment below if you've been posting any back to school/college/uni hauls or wishlists. I'd love to have a look at them!

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