Weekly Words #7

Friday, July 19, 2013

This weeks Weekly Words are from designer Gordon MacKenzie. If any of you read the Follow Frenzy posts, you will know that this weeks post was about designer Tad Carpenter. In this post I spoke about an interview he did with The Greatest Discontent, and in this interview he spoke about his inspirations, one of which is MacKenzie. 

So this weeks quote is from that interview, here's that part of the interview

"Another person I met was Gordon MacKenzie, one of my dad’s best friends. Gordon would go on to write a book called Orbiting the Giant Hairball and I highly recommend it to everyone. It’s about the benefits of creativity in corporate America. One of my favorite things that Gordon always said was, “Everyone has a masterpiece within them."
I hope you like this weeks quote and the inspiration for it. I had quite a struggle deciding which final designs I would go with because I made 3 different versions. 

So what are your favourite quotes? 

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