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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ok I'm changing the name of Follow Frenzy weekly posts to "LiveMakeDesign.", this is because I want to feature more people that may not have a place where you can follow them. It also widens it up to being able to feature other bloggers, designers, etc. 

So to restart this feature of, let me introduce to designer Rian Hughes. 

Rian Hughes is a graphic designer, comic artist, advertising artist and font designer. At the age of 49, Hughes has made an impact in the design world with his abstract style. Hughes is most commonly known for his work on 2000AD and his illustrations for Robo-Hunter, Tales from Beyond Science, Really and Truly and Dan Dare.

I discovered Hughes work this past year will studying Art and Design In Context in my college course. The aim of the unit was to basically teach students about designers who have made a massive impact on the world of design. Through the unit I think we learned about 8 different designers, but Rian Hughes and William Morris stuck out to me most because of their styles. However, in the end I decided to go with Rian Hughes because I just loved the stylistic illustrations and typefaces he designed.

Hughes work has been influenced by many different things. The main influence being from the fact that his father worked as an architect during his childhood. While spending time in his fathers office he was able to look through Letraset catalogs. These are basically the equivalent of the pre-digital age of a font website and held different typefaces, sizes and styles or weights. His style is also influenced by 60’s style, manga/anime and European Comics. 

I truly believe that any designer, either in the making or established really needs to look at Hughes work. The reason I feel this way is because his work, especially his older stuff still looks very modern and is classically timeless. He also has a collection of books released which include Cult-Ure, Soho Dives, Soho Divas and Yesterday's Tomorrows, plus he has also done illustrations for comics. His fonts are also pretty humorous as one of them is called Knobcheese. 

You can find Rian Hughes at these places:

The Cult-Ure book by Rian Hughes.

One of the pages from the book Cult-Ure.

Knobcheese typeface.

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