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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Many people may already know the designer for this week's follow frenzy, which is designer and illustrator Tad Carpenter

During my 2D Vector Graphics unit in college, myself and Clare were a little stuck on our inspiration for the unit and what kind of direction to go down. However, after being in a bit of a runt and having a little idea, Clare was shown the designer Tad Carpenter by one of lecturers. I think it was fair to say that we both fell in love with his designs. Clare really developed both of her designs with inspiration mainly from his work, one of them being the entry image to his website.

In Carpenter's work, he uses a lot of textures and bold elements of shape, colour and patterns to create an eye catching design. A lot of his inspiration comes from how he grew up and the lifestyle he had. His parents were both designers. so this meant that he was surrounded by art his whole life and met a lot of other designers and artists. If you want to read about his childhood and his inspiration, one good article to read would be the interview he did with The Great Discontent. It is a pretty long read but is definitely a good one to have a look at. 

In his recent work, it seems as if he has been producing a lot of personal work for exhibitions. But really his work is just as amazing if it is his older or newer designs or if it's personal or client work. He is definitely a modern day designer that needs to be checked out. 

You can find Tad at these places:

From the intro page of Tad's website

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