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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

This week’s follow frenzy is Jennie Whitham, the face behind JLWIllustration.

I found out about JLWIllustration one day after receiving an email from twitter suggesting people to follow. After receiving this email I thought I’d have a look at her work and I really adored her work.  

Jennie’s design work revolves around illustration and pattern. Her inspiration for her work comes from a passion of geometric shapes and floral elements.  The majority of her designs uses bright, inviting colours that she hopes can bring a smile to the face that are looking at her designs.

In her most recent work, Jennie has been using kickstarter to try and raise funds for her 2014 Calendar Project. For her project to be funded, she needs to raise £750 in pledges to have her dream to become real. At the moment, she still needs about £600 in funds. Her project stemmed from her project of creating 365 patterns

You can find her at these places:
To see Jennie’s portfolio:
To check her facebook page out:
To buy some of her designs:

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