Follow Frenzy- Helen Dardik

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

This week’s Follow Frenzy is Helen Dardik. Helen is one of the people who is represented Lila Rogers Studios.

I found out about Helen's work when I was walking around Paperchase looking at what the stock they had in and seen this set of cute postcards and a lunch box. I had previously realised that the store will credit most designers on the back of the products beside the part where they scan. I really liked the designs so I took a note on my phone with her name.

I had forgot to check out her work that night so I decided to look at it while I was in college and look at it with my friend Clare (featured as the first Follow Frenzy). We both fell in love with her designs and her website became a very distinct inspiration for our web design project we had been doing at the time.

Helen's work mainly stems from an inspiration of her children’s drawings and currently reading design blogs, books and magazines. Her work mainly starts of as illustrations which then can be transformed to use in patterns and toys. She also enjoys doing the odd painting.

In her recent work, Helen has continued to develop designs that she hopes could be used as wallpaper. She hasn't had a lot time for doing personal work but whenever she can she will updated her blog with her design work.  

You can find at these places:
To see Helen’s portfolio:
To check out her Lila Rogers Studio Profile:
To check out her blog:

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