Packaging- M&S

Thursday, June 13, 2013

So on Tuesday I went into M&S at Union Square to get something for my lunch. While having a look around the shop I realised that a lot of their packaging for things like biscuits and crisps were really well designed.

A lot of the designs I noticed where quite illustrated. Not a surprise as in the past few months I feel I have been able to appreciate illustration a lot more. The illustrations on them seemed to have the consistent style of being quite minimalist and flat. A style that has become a lot more popular this year, seeing as companies like Xbox360, Apple and Microsoft seem to have been jumping on the bandwagon and using this style for their products too.

Below are some of the designs that I seen and really liked. (ignore the fact that a few of them are really bad quality, I was only using my phone camera)

I only found out now, about 2 weeks after this was posted that the designer who done some of the illustrations is called Kate Larsen. Just like her design for Marks and Spencers, a lot of her work includes illustrations. You should definitely check her out!

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