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Saturday, June 29, 2013

As most people probably know now, Google Reader is going to end on July 1st. Even though it was a pretty easy thing to use and manage it is closing down. So now most people are trying to find a new website/format to quickly read the newest updates from their favourite blogs. 
The website I'm going to be using is called Bloglovin', I've been using it since I started this blog along with Google Reader. 

Bloglovin is just as simple to use as Google Reader. With Bloglovin you just claim your blog by posting a piece of code on your most recent post, or just make a new one and then a few extra things and it's claimed.  You can also claim more than one blog, say if you had one you use for personal things and then another for your fashion. You can also easily transfer your Google Reader blogs that you read to bloglovin and then organise them into categorize to make it even more simpler to find what blogs you're in the mood to read. With bloglovin it also has two sections called "Top Blogs" and "Popular Posts" that are broken into categorize such as DIY&Crafts, Beauty, Wedding etc that you may want to follow. However, I've seen there is a flaw in this organizing as some people categorize their blogs as "Design" when they are obviously either "Fashion" or "Beauty". When you also go onto blogs that you follow, you can look at similar blogs to them and possibly find another great blog to follow.

Also the great thing about it is that you can download the Bloglovin app, which means you can read and check the blogs you follow on the go. A good thing then if you're away on holiday or if you're on a day out and just want to quickly check whats going on!

So you should definitely go and sign up for Bloglovin now and transfer the blogs you follow with Google Reader now, in case you can't after Monday.

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