Friday, June 21, 2013

Last week after I had been out for my birthday, we went to a little convenience store and while waiting for my friends to pay for their stuff I had a look at the magazines. I spotted one that had a really cute notebook, that turned out to be the Home&Antiques magazine.

The magazine is based solely around peoples homes and antiques/vintage items that they have picked up. In this issue the two main features base around kitchens and British seaside. I especially like the section where they have shown heaps of homely items based on the "British Seaside" (pg 25) 

Also in this issue features Barbara Jones,  Fay Sweet, Johnathan and Sarah Waights and many more that are an interesting read. 

What I really like about this magazine is how much it integrates with their readers, as they have a section lasting about 5+ pages. In this section of the magazine, readers can send in pictures of antiques they have with a little description and any questions they have to try and see what the 'experts' can tell them- whether that be the price of it, the era its from or just general knowledge about it. 

So the main reason I bought this was because I the notebook that came with it really caught my eye. The notebook that came with the magazine was on of two different designs that have been taken from V&A fabrics. The notebooks are inspired by design work from the museums collections, mainly the patchwork during the 1780's to the 1790's. 

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