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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rosie Simons is a fellow blogger and designer. Rosie specialized design field is surface pattern and graphics.

I came across Rosies work when twitter
suggested I should follow her, so I checked out her website and her blog and instantly fell in love with her work! Her work has a consistent style of being really contemporary, colourful and using bold graphics.

Her blog features a variety of things relating to design, with weekly features including "Colour Of The Week",  and "Wednesday Words". She also blogs about her own design work and inspirational things she sees in the world.

In recent months Rosie has been producing more design work that is being used on products such as notebooks, badges and in the process of being made- Travel Card Holders. Her new project for making these Card Holders has come from the realisation that most card holders and pretty boring, so she feels that she should spice them up a bit. To do this she needs the funds and a minimum amount of orders before they can be sent to print. So that's where her kickstarter comes in. You can pledge either £1, £5, £10, £18 or £24 to Rosie, in which you will receive one travel card holder+ (as long its £5 or more) once they have been made.  So I recommend going and pledging/buying one if your travel card holder keeps breaking like mine does!

You can find Rosie at these places:
To see Rosies portfolio:
To tweet her:
To buy her design work:
To check out her blog:
To pledge to the Card Holders:

Designs for Rosies Travel Card Holders.

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