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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This weeks follow frenzy is Sophie, who is more well know as Honeybelle. I came across her work by Print and Pattern when they featured her on their blog the other week. The feature shows a collection of Sophie's work. 

Sophies work is of a wide area consisting of jewellery design, surface pattern, painting and photography. She also has blog that she updates with some of her recent news and inspirations. 

Recently, Sophie has decided to take part in Lila Rogers Studio- Global Talent Search. The Talent Search gives designers the chance to win and have their work displayed on the website for two whole years. The entry for this ends today, so if you fancy entering it you will need to do it within the next few hours! She also has been completing the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design, an e-course run by Racheal Taylor and Beth Kempton.

You can find Sophie at these places:

To see Sophie portfolio:
To buy her design work:

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