Fathers Day Cards

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day!

Since today is father's day I thought it would be fit to show you some fathers day greeting card designs I have seen. So earlier in the week some of you may know I made a post about M&S packaging designs. While looking around the shop I also had a look at the fathers day cards they had for sale. 

Overall from their designs I noticed two common trends. Vintage and limited colour. A lot of the designs they had seemed to steer away from the childish illustrations that cards for parents normally have. These cards seem to be more of a choice that someone maybe in their teens or later 20's would give to their Dads. With the simplistic colour choices and not being covered in mooshy gooshy, lovey dovey writing all over it, I feel these are a much better choice of someone of this age. 

Out of all the cards featured below, I have to say my favourite design is probably the simplistic "Have A Great Day Dad! HAPPY FATHERS DAY!". I think this card stands out the best as it has a really nice colour palette and I like the different choices of type used for each line. 

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