Exhibition Set Up

Friday, June 07, 2013

As summer is drawing closer it means more and more courses are finishing for the year, some to be completely finished.
Which means exhibitions.

So yesterday I headed into college to give a helping hand to the second year HND students.
As many of them were busy sorting their folio stuff and mounting it, it meant they didn't have much time to make the shelving for the exhibition. So my lead lecturer showed myself and a fellow college class mate- Natalie Smillie- to make some for the exhibition.
To be honest it was pretty easy to make them, as we used foam board you can get from places like Hobbycraft. The process to make them consisted of measuring sizes for the back, base and brackets. All of which would be then cut out of the foam board then stuck together using double sided sticky tape.
I fairly enjoyed today as it meant I was able to see the background and process of getting ready for an exhibition which wasn't my own. It also let me interact with the students who were away to finish the course. And probably the best part, knowing how to make the shelves way before next year when I'll probably be stressed out.

So if you're going to be in or around Aberdeen next week, head along to the exhibition to see some of the shelves I helped make and of course the talented second years work! The exhibition will be running from Wednesday 12th- Friday 14th June and is open from 10am till 9pm. So have a look in if you can!

Pop back on either Wednesday or Thursday to see my comments on the exhibition after seeing it all finished.

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