Birthday Haul!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Following my birthday card post from yesterday, I thought it would be fit to show of some of the birthday presents I got last week for my birthday. I did get a wine glass and a shot glass (with key) too, but my mums put them somewhere and I'm not sure where!

This was a beautiful watch I got from my boyfriends family. I love the
unique style of the watch and the packaging for it. 
(Left) Warm Bodies DVD- Seriously love this! My first weekly words
was a quote from this book/film.
(Right) A sketchbook and pencil. Can't wait to try these out!
(Left) A bookmark from my Nannie. I really love the vintage style of it!
(Right) A 18th birthday photo frame. I'm going to put a
picture from my night out in town in here.
(Left) From Aly Bali a local Jewelry and Gift shop
(Middle) From Mackintosh
(Right) Also from the Aly Bali store but is from nomination.
It's not really clear but its an "18".
One of the things I was most excited to show you!
A professional button maker, so once I get my designs done, and
I've had a couple of practices with it, then I'll hopefully be selling them!
My most prized present.... Animal crossing limited edition Nintendo 3DS XL
with Animal Crossing: New Leaf installed on it. I seriously haven't came
of this game all week! My game play time is at like 20hours!
So these are my main presents I got for my birthday. But also I got money, gift vouchers and chocolate -I didn't want to tempt any of you with chocolate. Overall I had a great birthday and I love my presents I received.
But don't think it ends there. Soon in the future I will be doing a bigger blog post focused on Animal Crossing DS (and game) and the button maker, so keep an eye out for that!

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  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog! :)
    I do have alot of carboot sale hauls already if you're interested!

    I really want to see Warm Bodies, and the button maker looks amazing! :)

    1. No worries thanks for replying!

      Yeah I noticed after I posted the comment, felt a bit stupid haha.

      And Warm Bodies is such a great film! I've got the book too, but I've still to read it. And yeah I know! I still need to finalize my designs and get them printed out to test it out. But numerous people who I speak to on twitter use it and theres looks great :)!



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