Birthday Cards!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

This is a little overdue considering my birthday was a week ago... But here are some of the birthday cards I received! I wasn't able to include all the cards I got obviously, so these are just a handful of ones I received.

(Left) I like the simplicity of this one and the use of colours
(Right) This one made me chuckle when I read it, and I
love the use of Illustration in it too
(Left) This card made me laugh as my sister gave me it &
it basically said I can do what I want now
(Right) I love this cute illustration & the font
that is used on the bird
Massive Cards
(Left) I like the simplicity and the use of different fonts
(Right) The dog is just so cute!
Pretty Cards
(Left) I literally got FOUR of this card!
(Right) It's so glittery and shiny... 
(Left) I love the feminist style of this
(Right) The illustrations make this card awesome
Number #18
(Left) Shiny again, but I like the use of illustration along with it too
(Right) Nomnomnom.... sweeties!

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