Awesome Merchandise

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

So last week I was asking around a few people for tips on what badge makers are best to use and one person directed me towards Awesome Merchandise.

I had a look around their website, which is very user friendly, and seen that there products seemed like a good, high quality. Then I noticed I had a direct tweet from one of the people working for the company asking if there was anything they could help me with. I replied saying that I was just trying to get some good tips on badge makers and they replied saying that they could hook me up with some free samples.

Yesterday in the post I received the sample pack. I had to have a rush look at it before I was heading out but it all seemed pretty awesome.

Once I got home I had a proper look at everything and it did indeed look awesome.

Overall I really liked the cards, posters, buttons, magnets and keyrings. They looked really awesome! Especially some of the designs on the cards and the funny buttons. And the packaging it all came in was super awesome to, a very unique way to package it all! I think they will be definitely one company I will keep in mind to use in the future for making me own merch. 

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